Tooth Whitening

A radiant smile attracts more attention. Bright teeth make us look younger and more attractive. Tooth whitening is a procedure that makes your smile appear brighter and rejuvenated. Regardless of your age or the color of your teeth, the latest whitening techniques can bear wonderful results. Also, tooth whitening is often conducted as the final esthetic touch after an orthodontic therapy.

Whiten your teeth in Sanja Vuic Private Dental Practice and to say goodbye to stains, yellow and pigmented teeth!

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Coffee, tea, wine and smoking are some of the little things in life that stain and darken our teeth, making our smile less attractive over time. Luckily, we don’t have to get rid of them entirely!

Nowadays, you can choose from several completely safe professional tooth whitening methods, some of which are even conducted at home. Tooth whitening is a process of removing dark stains and pigmentation from your teeth, leaving your smile brighter and younger-looking. If looked after properly, its effects can last up to 10 years!

Tooth Whitening at Home Using Trays

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This bleaching method uses trays which are individually made according to the patient’s unique dental impression. The trays are made in the practice. The patient inserts a small amount of Opalescence whitening gel in both trays (for the upper and the lower jaw) and wears them overnight. This kind of whitening treatment takes more time, but its has a longer lasting effect.

The Beyond Method

The Beyond technology is a fast, efficient and modern method of teeth whitening. Its results can be expected in a matter of 45 minutes. This method makes teeth 2-3 shades lighter and is gentler on teeth than other bleaching treatments – it is 75% less likely to cause dental hypersensitivity! The procedure is conducted in the practice. Once the patient’s gums are safely covered by a protective agent, hydrogen-peroxide bleaching gel is applied on his/her teeth and activated by a UV lamp set at a specific wavelength. In some cases, the patient is advised to continue using whitening gels and toothpastes at home in order to maintain the result.

Anti-Age Tooth Whitening

The latest research in the field of tooth whitening indicate that the longest-lasting results (5 years or more) are achieved by gradual whitening supervised by a doctor of dental medicine. The procedure itself is conducted by applying small concentrations of hydrogen or carbamid peroxide on the teeth. Most whitening gels contain a desensitization agent, so dental hypersensitivity occurs rarely. If the patient has sensitive teeth, it is recommended that he/she wears the trays filled with desensitization agent for 1h/day during the week prior to the treatment.

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After the patient has filled out our questionnaire, discussed his/her expectations with the doctor and had his/her initial tooth color determined, a series of “before” photos are taken. If he/she wishes to get an instant, but shorter-lasting effect, he/she is recommended a Power Bleach in-practice treatment. The treatment lasts for about 1h. The patient is advised to refrain from dark/colored food and beverages and from smoking for 2-3 days. In case of hypersensitivity, he/she is given a desensitization gel.

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