Six Month Smiles

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What Is the Six Month Smiles Treatment?

Six Month Smiles is an extremely subtle esthetic fixed brace. Its minimalist design consists of brackets and a wire whose color matches the color of your teeth. Modern technology and precise, digital treatment planning enable it to straighten teeth quickly and gently. The Six Month Smiles method is intended for adult patients. It is non-invasive, which means that it does not require drilling on healthy teeth.

Am I a Candidate for the Six Month Smiles Treatment?

six month smiles, estetska ortodoncija, ispravljanje zuba, ravnanje zuba, nevidljivi aparatić, ordinacija sanja vuić, zagreb

If you are 16 or older and if your recommended orthodontic treatment does not involve moving molars or correcting malocclusion – Six Month Smiles is the perfect method for you. It is designed for straightening crowded, protruding and rotated teeth, correcting high canines and diastema (tooth gap) closure. It can even make certain interventions in the patient’s occlusion (cross-bite, overbite).

How Does Six Month Smiles Work?

Unlike the mobile Inman Aligner, this unique appliance is not limited to correcting only front teeth. It can move everything from incisors to molars, which enables it to correct a wider spectrum of orthodontic deviations. The brackets and wire are placed on the patient’s first molars, from which they generate a gentle, yet constant pressure on the teeth. The key to its effectiveness isn’t tightening the brace, but a brand-new technology and planned, focused straightening.

What Is the Difference Between Classic Orthodontics and Six Month Smiles?

  • Purpose – Six Month Smiles is primarily used to correct teeth esthetically, which means that it is not meant for extensive occlusion and bone structure reconstructions.
  • Treatment Duration – A classic ortho treatment can take years, whereas the Six Month Smile method straightens teeth within 4-9 months, most cases lasting for around 6 months.
  • Appearance – Unlike classic braces, this innovative method does not include robust, metal parts. Once placed in the patient’s mouth, it is virtually invisible.

Can I Wear the Brace on a Single Jaw?

Unlike certain other orthodontic methods, the success of a Six Month Smiles treatment greatly depends on jaw relations. Therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to wear both the upper and the lower brace.

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What Is the Procedure After Completing the Treatment?

Just like after every orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to wear a retainer after Six Month Smiles to prevent your teeth from returning to their former positions.

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