Periodontal Disease Diagnostics

Methods for diagnosing periodontal disease include:

  • clinical examination
  • medical history
  • periodontal disease index tracking (plaque index, papillary bleeding index, probing periodontal pocket depth and gum recession)
  • X-ray scanning (orthopanomogram or 3D imaging)
  • microbiological analysis

These methods provide information about the degree of tissue damage and test for the possible presence of pathogenic bacteria within the periodontium. There has been recent development in the diagnosis of periodontal disease in its earliest stages, when the symptoms are not yet manifested. Do you have a question or want to make an appointment? We’ll be happy to give you advice and offer a solution.Contact us

Such tests involve enzyme and immunological analyses which are conducted in laboratories, but also in practices, in a matter of minutes. They mark a significant breakthrough in the early prevention of periodontal disease.

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