Laser Surgery Procedures

The laser is used in many fields of dental medicine, especially in oral surgery.

Its effect on the tissue depends on the type of laser, that is, on the wavelength of the laser beam. Dental medicine uses lasers for caries treatment (instead of the classic “drilling”), oral surgery procedures, endodontic and periodontal therapies, pain treatment and wound healing stimulation.

In oral surgery, the laser is used to cut tissue. A surgical incision performed with a laser is much more precise than an incision made with a scalpel. The wound bleeds less; the healing process is quicker and leaves no scarring.

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Laser use in oral surgery:

  • abscess incision
  • mucosal tumor incision
  • fibroma
  • frenectomy
  • gingivectomy
  • gingivoplasty
  • implant placement and implant opening
  • incision/excision
  • exposing subgingival caries
  • natural crown lengthening
  • taking biopsy samples