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Osmijeh pacijentice Ordinacije Vuić s mobilnim aparatićem Inman Aligner i crvenim ružemThe Inman Aligner is a mobile orthodontic appliance that straightens teeth much faster than other orthodontic methods. Avoid a lengthy fixed brace therapy or drilling on your healthy teeth for crowns or veneers – make an appointment with us and find out if you can correct your front teeth using the Inman Aligner!

How does it work?

The Inman Aligner is an appliance which straightens teeth gently, evenly and quickly using two opposing springs. They produce light pressure on the teeth, moving them in their correct positions swiftly, efficiently and safely. Unlike the ClearSmile Aligner therapy, which requires a new splint for each straightening phase, the Inman Aligner is a single, easily modifiable appliance which is adapted according to the movement of the patient’s teeth.

Aparatić Inman Aligner izrađen u suradnom laboratoriju Ordinacije Vuić, IAS Laboratory UK

Am I a candidate for the Inman Aligner?

You’ve been through a painful and lengthy fixed brace therapy just so you would see your teeth falling back into their old, incorrect positions? Your front teeth are crowded, protruding or have gaps between them? If something of the above happens to be your case, there is a good chance that you are a candidate for the Inman Aligner straightening therapy. Get in touch with us using our contact form and make an appointment for a checkup, consultation and analysis.

What does the therapy look like?

The Inman Aligner therapy is non-invasive, which means that it does not require drilling on healthy teeth. It starts with making an impression of the patient’s jaw and sending their dental models to one of our collaborative dental laboratories in the UK. After 2-3 weeks, the patient returns to Dr. Vuic’s dental practice and receives their Inman Aligner.

The duration of the therapy depends on the patient’s individual situation, but it is significantly shorter than other types of orthodontic therapy. If you wear your Aligner for the recommended 18-20 hours a day, you can expect results in a matter of 6-16 weeks! The appliance is easy to use and can be inserted and removed at any time, which means that you can continue eating, maintaining oral hygiene and kissing just like before. You should come to the Practice for checkups and adjustments regularly, every two weeks on average. After you’ve reached the desired result, the Inman Aligner is removed and a retainer, which can either be mobile (a clear splint) or fixed, is placed. Retention is the crucial phase of the therapy because in prevents teeth from moving back to their old, incorrect positions.
The therapy is conducted by Sanja Vuic, dmd – the first Croatian doctor of dental medicine certified to conduct the Inman Aligner minimally invasive front teeth straightening method.

Inman Aligner - Dr Vuić

(Align, Bleach and Bond)
The “ABB” Concept is developed in the UK and it involves creating maximum esthetic effect quickly and without invasive procedures, i.e. without a lengthy fixed brace therapy and tooth reduction. The “ABB” Concept is a type of smile makeover which includes straightening teeth using either the Inman or the ClearSmile Aligner, replacing old fillings with new, esthetic ones, and teeth whitening. In many cases, these three procedures are all it takes to create an irresistible smile!

Benefits of the Inman Aligner

Because of its speed and efficiency, The Inman Aligner has changed the way we perceive dental medicine. Its benefits include:

  • Mobility – This appliance can be removed at any time. Except for the esthetics and practicality, this factor simplifies maintaining oral hygiene during therapy.
  • Non-invasiveness – The Inman Aligner therapy is one of the few esthetic dental treatments which do not involve drilling on healthy teeth.
  • Speed – In comparison to other orthodontic methods, straightening with the Inman Aligner is incredibly fast: teeth are straight after just 6-16 weeks!
  • Efficiency and long-term effect – The Inman Aligner is extremely efficient in correcting a wide spectrum of irregularities of front teeth. If a retainer is placed and regularly worn after the therapy, its effects could last for a lifetime.
  • Price – The price of the Inman Aligner is significantly lower than those of other teeth straightening methods.

Setbacks of the Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner has a limited spectrum of performance – it is not designed to correct all types of orthodontic deviations. For instance, problems with the jaw and/or bite still need to be addressed with fixed orthodontics. In order to find out if you are a candidate for the Inman Aligner method, get in touch with us using our contact form and make an appointment for a checkup, consultation and analysis. If our team determines that you are in need of a different straightening method, they will advise you accordingly.
Our friendly staff guarantees an individual medical approach to every patient.
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Maintaining your Inman Aligner

When the appliance is not in your mouth, keep it in a dry place, preferably in its original box. Brush it with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush and occasionally clean it with denture cleanser tablets, such as Corega tabs.

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