Full Zirconia Crowns

Full zirconia crowns are a great, modern and completely metal-free alternative to metal-ceramic crowns. They are made out of several layers of zirconia – an extremely strong and resilient crystal which imitates the appearance of the natural tooth very well.

Zirconia has a high degree of biocompatibility, which means that it adapts to our bodies quickly and without complications. Sanja Vuic Private Dental Practice makes full zirconia crowns out of Ivoclar and Kuraray Noritake’s highest quality materials, in collaboration with a dental laboratory.


  • Full zirconia crowns are reliable and highly adaptable to a patient’s individual needs.
  • Zirconia is an extremely strong, durable and resilient material, suitable even for patients with bruxism. Research shows that it is five times stronger than other restorative materials; it can last up to 10 years.
  • Full zirconia crowns require minimal tooth reduction (drilling).
  • Full zirconia crowns are made out of a monolithic white material whose translucence imitates the natural tooth well. If the rest of the patient’s teeth are more strongly pigmented, the crowns can be additionally painted and/or recontoured in order to blend with the dental arch.
  • Full zirconia crowns are made much faster than other types of metal-free dental restorations.
  • The price of full zirconia crowns is significantly lower than that of other metal-free crowns.


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  • As was already mentioned, full zirconia crowns are made out of a monolithic white material, so their placement is usually limited to the back region of the jaw.


  • Single crowns
  • Crowns on dental implants
  • Small bridges (up to 4 members)
  • Because of their strength, usually placed in the back region of the jaw