Fixed Orthodontics

Nowadays, fixed orthodontics is the most common and the most effective method of straightening teeth. There are several types of braces which are fixed onto the teeth with a special adhesive: Damon-Ormco, InOvation-GAC, and esthetic sapphire braces ICE-Ormco.

After fixing orthodontic braces, the patient is given instructions about oral hygiene and diet.
Prior to each orthodontic therapy, it is necessary to fix all dental problems the patient may have, such as cavities, tooth extractions and root canal treatments. Some mobility of the teeth during orthodontic therapy is common and should not be a source of concern. The teeth will stabilize soon after the therapy ends.

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Retention is a form of therapy used after the removal of fixed orthodontic braces. Retainers are mobile splints made after taking impressions of the lower and upper jaw after the removal of the fixed braces. Retainers ensure that the new situation in the mouth remains permanent. They are usually worn only by night.

Certain types of retainers can be fixed on the inner side of the patient’s teeth between upper and lower canines. In that case, it is not necessary to wear splints by night.

Other Possibilities

Our practice offers Inman Aligner mobile dental appliances for straightening front teeth in adults. That way, drilling teeth for veneers or esthetic crowns can be avoided. Dr. Vuić’s private dental practice is the first Croatian clinic to offer a minimally invasive esthetic procedure to its patients in collaboration with London’s Intelligent Alignment Systems Laboratory. We are also collaborating with a renowned American laboratory to provide you with the innovative esthetic Six Month Smiles fixed brace. It can straighten teeth in a patient’s smile line in only 4-9 months.

Six Month Smiles
Inman Aligner
Tooth Whitening

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