Endodontic Treatment

laser, zubni laser, laserski zahvati, zdravlje zuba, liječenje zuba, ordinacija sanja vuić, zagrebInside the hard outer substance of the tooth, blood and lymphatic vessels feed the tooth and the nerves, which make it sensitive. The root canal connects the tooth to blood vessels and nerves in the entire body. A deep cavity or a fracture of the dental tissue causes damage to the dental pulp, which often results in blood vessel or tooth nerve infections. In such cases, endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is required, but, contrary to patients’ opinions, the tooth does not have to be extracted.

The best implant is your own tooth!
Endodontic treatment involves removing the decomposed and infected tissue from the pulp chamber and the root canal, then filling the canal hermetically with special medicine.

Some indications for endodontic treatment:

  • sudden throbbing toothache
  • pain while eating
  • sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • fistula or swelling (either of which may be painless)

endodoncija, liječenje zuba, zdravlje zuba, protaper, ordinacija sanja vuić, zagreb

Damaged or infected dental pulp will not heal itself. If the tooth isn’t treated, the infection will spread to the surrounding dental tissue, the bone surrounding the tooth will degenerate, and the patient will lose the tooth. The pain increases and the patient goes to the dental emergency room, where their tooth is extracted. The extraction causes a whole range of new side effects on the entire stomatognathic system. Although extracting the tooth is less expensive than treating it, at the end of the day, the most expensive option is replacing the tooth with implants or bridges. If possible, save your teeth!

One or two appointments are required to complete the endodontic treatment at Dr. Vuić’s dental practice. The patient receives local anesthesia, so the treatment is painless. The root canal is then treated with special intracanal instruments, and the disintegrated tissue is removed, rinsed, and disinfected. The canal is then ready to be filled with gutta-percha, a tough plastic substance, made out of latex from Malaysian trees. If the tooth is too weak, additional support is inserted into the canal. Do you have a question or want to make an appointment? We’ll be happy to give you advice and offer a solution.Contact usLastly, the tooth is covered with a ceramic crown that protects it from cracking.
More than 95% of endodontic treatments are successful.

Ceramic Crowns and Bridges
Tooth Extraction

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