Replacing lost teeth is very important for esthetics, phonation, and function.

Replacing a large number of teeth with a fixed replacement is not possible. When all the teeth are missing, total dental prostheses are necessary; when the loss of teeth is only partial, the prosthesis is also only partial. Dental prosthesis are mobile supplements for teeth, which means that the patient puts them in and takes them out of their mouth by him or herself.

Some indications for treatment:

  • Partial loss of teeth
  • Complete loss of teeth

When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth usually change their position, bend, rotate or grow out if there is a missing tooth in the opposite jaw. These changes can lead to significant soft tissue damage, i.e. gum disease, which causes further tooth loss among the teeth that remain. Masticatory pressure (the force that is transmitted to a row of teeth), is transmitted to all of the adjacent teeth, and, since there is a tooth missing, they have nothing to “lean on”. Eventually, the pressure becomes too strong for one or both of the teeth next to the lost tooth, and the neighboring tooth or both teeth are lost.

Dentures are made when there are too few teeth left, making it impossible to make a quality fixed prosthesis, or other situations in which a prosthesis is simply too difficult.

Dentures allow chewing, speech and they help retain the natural physiognomy of the face with dentate jaws. From a clinical point of view, it is important that the burden of chewing is placed on the bones, so as to prevent or slow down the loss of the alveolar ridge. Premature bone loss in the alveolar ridge makes it virtually impossible to create any kind of prosthesis. It is therefore important that dentures are made as soon as possible after the loss of teeth. Dentures can either be completely acrylic or made from a combination of alloys, popularly called “Wironit and acrylic.” Dentures for completely toothless jaws are made of acrylic.

Instructions For Dental Prosthesis Care

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