Clear Smile Aligner is a clear removable acrylic splint designed to straighten front (6-8) teeth. Clear Smile Aligner technology can correct crowded, rotated and outwardly or inwardly tilted teeth. A certified dental medical doctor takes a dental impression and creates an accurate model, according to which he or she estimates teeth straightening possibilities.

He or she takes a series of photographs of the patient in order to gather all of the information necessary for designing their custom-made Aligner.

Several Aligners are made depending on the position of the teeth that need straightening. Modern 3D printing technology is used to calculate the minimal number of splints needed to be worn by the patient in order to attain their perfect smile.

The advantages of this method is that the Aligner may be worn throughout the entire day and that it is virtually invisible. It employs light, intermittent forces to straighten teeth and keep them in their new positions. Clear Smile Aligner are designed in certified laboratories in London and Dubai.

n our dental practice, Sanja Vuić, DMD is the doctor certified for the ClearSmile Aligner method. For a number of years, she has been offering her patients different minimally invasive methods for improving their smiles.