All-on-4/ All-on-6 is a revolutionary concept which enables complete oral rehabilitation in a single day, even in patients with insufficient bone volume for placing dental implants. With All-on-4/ All-on-6, you can get rid of your dentures and replace them with a fixed dental bridge on 4 or 6 Nobel Biocare implants in just one day.

Two or four implants are placed into the jaw bone vertically and the remaining two are placed under an angle. This method helps avoid certain anatomical structures and place the implants successfully even in cases in which the bone volume is inadequate for classic implant placement. After the placement, a prototype (temporary) bridge with screws is fixed onto the implants in the course of the same day. A permanent bridge or a set of prosthetic teeth is placed once the height of the bone and the gingiva have stabilized (after around 6 months).

The advantages of the All-on-4/ All-on-6 concept:

  • a fixed dental bridge in a single day
  • a complete reconstruction based on only 4/6 implants (less expensive)
  • no additional surgical procedures (bone grafting)
  • immediate loading
  • natural-looking teeth
  • easy oral hygiene maintenance